I recently purchased Art by the Glass, recognizing the potential and creativity of such a place.  As someone with a passion for painting (and all things art!), I wanted to share that passion with everyone else.

We offer a wide array of classes from step-by-step painting instructions to open-paint night where you can find the artist within.

Art by the Glass is not just for artists.  It is for everyone, even the artistically-challenged.  Whether you sign up for a class by yourself, with a friend, or schedule a private party, our relaxed environment encourages you to explore your inner artist.

We can offer as little, or as much instruction as you need to get you on the right path, and by the end of the night you’ll have a unique piece of art to remind you of a great night.

I invite you to Wine and Unwind at Art by the Glass, and enjoy a unique and fun experience.



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