Fundraisers are a great opportunity to raise money for a good cause, and we would love to help!  A fundraising event can be held like any of our private pARTies.  You pick the location, and we’ll bring everything needed (art supplies, tables, stools, tarps, easels, etc).  The cost is $45 a painter, and a fundraiser starts with as few as 10 painters.  The more painters, the higher your donation per painter:

10 painters – Donation $10/painter ($100)
20 painters – Donation $13/painter ($260)
30 painters – Donation $16/painter ($480)
40 painters – Donation $20/ painter (800)


Paint Your Pet Fundraisers (Your Choice of humane center to donate to):
Cost of Paint Your Pet Fundraisers are $55 per person, and donation costs are priced below.  Each person will submit a photo of their pet (can be any kind of pet) and we will sketch them out.  Our instructors will help guide everyone towards completing a beautiful pet portrait by the end of the fundraiser.

10 Painters – Donation $8/ painter  ($80)
20 Painters – Donation $11/ Painter  ($220) |
30 Painters – Donation $14/ Painter  ($420)
40 Painters – Donation $17/ Painter  ($680)




We can bring supplies for up to 50 painters, however if you are looking for a larger Fundraiser, we can look into accommodating your needs.  If you’d like to do a fundraiser with one of our specialty classes such our Wood Signs, Paint Your Portrait or wine glasses, please let us know and we can send you the different price/ donation options available.



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