At the moment we are offering online paint your pet, paint pouring, and canvas painting classes for our fundraisers.  Still looking to raise some money for the organization of your choice but stuck at home?  An online fundraiser is the perfect way to stay safe while reaching your goal.  The cost starts at $50 per person depending on the class and only requires a minimum of 10 people but we can accommodate as many people as you’d like.  All supplies are delivered to attendees the day before the event, and we’ll create a virtual space so everyone can follow along with our instructors!

**We will deliver to Killeen and the greater surrounding areas.  If you’re not sure if we’ll deliver to you, give us a call and we can let you know**

10 painters – Donation $10/ painter ($100)
20 painters – Donation $12/ painter ($240)
30 painters – Donation $15/ painter ($450)
40 painters – Donation $18/ painter ($720)


Paint Your Pet Fundraisers (Your Choice of humane center to donate to):
Cost of Paint Your Pet Fundraisers are $55 per person, and donation costs are priced below.  Each person will submit a photo of their pet (can be any kind of pet) and we will sketch them out.  Our instructors will help guide everyone towards completing a beautiful pet portrait by the end of the fundraiser.

Paint Pouring Fundraisers (Your choice of cause to donate to):

Cost of paint pouring fundraisers range from $50-$75 per person, depending on the number of canvases each person selects.  Each person is able to select from a variety of size and number of canvases to paint pour on.  Our instructors will guide them towards creating different types of abstract paint pouring and provide a variety of supplies to help a unique design.

Canvas Painting Fundraiser (Your choice of cause to donate to):

Cost of a 2 hour canvas fundraiser is $50 per person.  You select the painting for the class and our instructor will walk everyone step-by-step towards creating a beautiful masterpiece.  All painting supplies are provided.






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