I don’t know how to paint!

Your friends are telling you that you can do it. They say it’s easy. They even go so far as to say it’s fun! Can you imagine that??

Your idea of being creative is using colored markers instead of black for the classroom poster you were tasked to make. Now they want you to actually paint… with real paint. But, they did mention wine. You ask if you can bring beer. They say sure (as long as you agree to go). Against your better judgment, you go. With beer.

You show up with zero expectation so you won’t be disappointed. Everyone puts on an apron and grabs a stool. The instructor seems pretty easy-going. (Nothing like your middle school art teacher!) She tells you to get a big scoop of blue paint with the big brush and start painting the top half of the canvas. That’s not so bad. She goes on… step 2, step 3, step 4…

Wait a minute! This is starting to look like something. And it looks like everyone else’s. (Actually it looks better than some of the others!) I’m really doing this. Shhh! Don’t talk – you have to focus here.

This may sound familiar to many of you. It sure does to me because that’s almost exactly the way it happened for me… I brought rum! I claimed to have absolutely ZERO artistic ability because I had zero art experience. But, apparently, all you need is a little encouragement, a fun and patient instructor and a little wine doesn’t hurt. Our goal at Art by the Glass is to help you find that inner artist that is hidden (way down deep) inside.

Go ahead… Uncork Your Creativity!

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